M.A. Flores

Welcome to my online page!

Hi! I currently teach 4th-6th Grade Special Day Class at Miguel Hidalgo School. I have been teaching for 6 years. I have a Multiple Subject Credential in General Education and an Education Specialist Credential in Special Education. I taught 1st grade for two years and have taught in Special Education for the last 4 years. Previous to that, I worked at the Brawley Vista Sands Program - BESD, at Oakley for 18 years in collaboration with Imperial County Behavioral Health.

My goal as a special education teacher is to provide all of my students an equitable education at their ability level in the least restrictive environment. Meeting students' social and emotional needs, as well as, modifying and accommodating the curriculum and physical surroundings will help students meet their goals. Providing appropriate services, aids, and assistive technology and devices will help promote success in their lives, as well as, help them become independent individuals.

Overall, I look forward for my students to become successful, independent members of the community and society as a whole.